So, with Milford Sound out of the way, what’s a boy to do?

Head to the west coast. Haast, Ho!!!

Weather forecast called for a break in the rain … no luck. I was due to travel from Te Atau past Queestown (hello again) by Wanaka to Haast on the west coast.

It rained for the first three hours of my journey I went by the Devil’s Staircase (for the third time) and it was unrecognizable.

Finally the weather broke as I got past Lincoln. Oddly it broke as I entered wine country. Lots of fields of vino. Unless I simply passed them in the downpour, it is possible.

My first photo of the day was as I documented some art of my bike seat left after I raise my wet butt from the seated position.

I planned to stop at the only slightly overcast Wanaka for lunch. A Burger bar with a spicy burger and lemonade set me up well.

I took a picture of my fingers from the morning’s ride. What can I say, my fingers looked very aged … like they had been soaking in Palmolive all morning.

The rest of the ride only had a small amount of rain. Most of my gear was dry by the time I arrived at my hotel in Haast. Victory.

The lakes between Wanaka and Haast were as stunning as those I saw on my trip to Twizel. The first lake was Hawea. I grabbed a shot and a selfie before I saw a viewpoint on offer. It was gorgeous as you will see when you look at the photos. The moody clouds did not hurt the view.

The second lake that I passed was the far west side of Lake Wanaka. These lakes are huge. At least the size of Lake Okanagon. I left the east part of Lake Wanaka at lunch. I did not connect with the west side until well over an hour later. Huge … and beautiful.

The Haast Pass area had a couple of picturesque stops. Thunder Falls was large and impressive … however, to put thing in perspective, it was the size of one of the dozens of falls that surround the tunnel into (and out of) Milford Sound.

I checked into my accom and headed out to the nearby Frontier Cafe and Bar. It served up a mean and spicy Goat Curry. Yumbo!!!

I headed back to my room and setup to do laundry. The washer was efficient but the drier was absurdly slow. I was laundry-chatted up by a friendly Auzzie octogenarian who frequently mentioned references to her (or a subject that we strayed upon) being Christian. Needless to say, I am now born again. Not my cup of joe.

I did head back eventually to my pad and plan a bit of my north island excursion.

It was a good day.

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