Tea and toast with Honey and Marmadale. Followed by a Good lengthy chat with Martin and Francis.

Eventually, Martin and I jumped on the train to Wellington DT at the local Plimmerton train stop. 25 minutes to get us down to the main railway terminal. From there we headed through the various busy Sunday streets until we found Cuba Street that was hosting the second day of CubaDupa, a street fest that shut the street to cars for a block of 6 or so blocks. The first performance that we saw was some young straight-armed Irish dancers. Then, turning around, there were numerous tents in the streets and open doors on the buildings. Street food, handicrafts, nicnaks and bustling stores of all ilk.

Brass bands were definitely in evidence; we saw no less than three of them, all were good. A funk-ish band was playing the main stage as we wandered all the way to the top.

Around the corner, a traveling caravan of vehicles made a pseudo-carnie Avenue. We got to the end and watched the end of a show of a 9-year old Magician and her Magician father. The little gal certainly had game and I have not figured out how she did the last trick. Good show-womanship!!

Having has a good gander at CubaDupa, Martin and I headed to the waterside and grabbed some refreshing beers at the ex-St John’s Ambulance Building on the patio of a well-shaded deck.

A walk to the nearby train-station led up by an urban climbing gym with some funky murals. Well done, street-artists!

We got back home in time to welcome a visit of Martin and Francis’ elder daughter, Isabella and her partner, Glen. She has the same wily and subtle sense of humour that her parents have. Glen was a charming, socialable chap that complimented Bella like hand & glove. The five of us chatted for an hour or two until Glen and Bella left us to partake of dinner.

Francis made a delicious red cabbage, red onion and red apple salad and some succulent baked potatoes. Martin was in charge of grilling up some excellent lamb steaks. Another delicious home-cooked meal.

Chatting after dinner took a couple of hours (as has become the norm) and we were all ready to retire before 10pm.

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