To quote the Ramones: “Hey Ho, Let’s go!!”. It was time to leave Rotorua.

I sampled the non-Benedict breakfast fair and headed north. My inclination was to head onto the Coromandel peninsula and head for the town of Coromandel. Here is the rub: the town was booked out. Alex Axiom from earlier in the trip: reserve … especially on weekends.

So … balllsy or not? BALLSY! Without a reso, I headed north from Rotorua onto some fine curvy roads. The trip to the sold out town of Coromandel would be around 300kms. I figured that I’d seek vacancies and BnBs around 200kms into my trip.

The congestion on the roads surrounding the Easter weekend was almost immediately apparent. I got trapped repeatedly behind slow moving groups of traffic. However, I kept my cool and everything was tranquillo.

However, I did start a vacant/not-vacant tour of the Coromandel Pennisula. It’s surprising how many of these places do not change their signs to Not-Vacant. I guess I got to meet more nice and friendly Kiwis.

Low and behold, as I was pulling into the town of Coromandel, the very second property that I saw had an “Vacancy” sign hanging. I meet the friendly proprietor Michael Scott (no relation) and he showed me his clean, simple and pricy sleeping option in his 4 suite motel/BnB. I’m not fool … I said “Khe Ora” and settled my bags to the ground.

I was hungry so I headed into the surprisingly small town of Coromandel and grabbed a burger and beer at the
Star and Garter Saloon. Once again there was Smoking permitted on the patio. I moved inside and was quite satisfied.

I zipped up a hill that I had descended on my entry into the town and took some shots of the town. Then it was back to mi casa to organize for my (eventual) dinner.

Yum Cafe specializes in pizza but the chef put together a very tasty salmon dish for me. A bottle of wine and a wander home were a perfect cap to the day.

Once again, I had a day of warmth and next to no rain. Happy days

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