I was up earlier than expected and had a leasurely tea and Hot-composed buns combo with Lynn. Then I hit the road for the second last day with the bike.

I had a false start at Auckland Hospital. I had been misinformed. It turns out that the present Auckland was not ever the National Woman’s Hospital. I was helpfully directed to Greenlane Medical Center, the actual site of the National Woman’s Hospital in the 60s. I found a good site at a bench shaded by trees for Dad Resting Place 5 (NZ).

Then I walked across the cow pasture and around to make it to the summit of One Tree Hill. It turns out that you can drive to the top. Not me, I wanted to walk it. A good hot 1/2 hour climb. The summit, which I am certain that dad would have done, was the location of Dad Resting Place 6 (NZ). Good view for Pops.

I walked back down to my bike which I was able to leave at the ex-Woman’s Hospital. I drew a line for the downtown core and whipped thru NewMarket and Parnell into the core. I found a good place to park for a few hours and a good place for lunch called “Amato” in the reinvigorated Quay area of downtown. Bocconcini and tomato salad with a crayfish tortellini pasta entree. Yes please.

Après-lunch, it was time to explore DT Auckland a little bit. The New Zealand Maritime Museum was closeby and drew my attention. The $20 fee was a bit of a surprise as it is the first museum in NZ that has had a fee. I threw caution to the wind and $20 on the counter.

Not surprisingly, the start of the exhibit had to do with the origins of the Maori coming to NZ. There twin covered canoes must have been truly impressive. Some of the big ocean-going ones could hold 200 people and supplies (including livestock). The celestial navigation that they used was interesting as well.

The history of the introduction of Europeans to NZ was a picture of competing Powers in a race to chart and understand the land masses that they were discovering. The documentation of various waves of European emigration. They had displays of the settler’s quarters throughout the 1800 and 1900s. There was a cabin that would have been similar to what my folks would have voyaged in when they went to NZ in the mid-60s.

The last display that caught my fancy was a display of the legacy of Kiwi Competitive Sailing. Well presented hands-on displays and Very very cool mini-documentaries. All in all, big thumbs up to the $20 Maritime Museum.

I walked around and explored a little of DT Auckland. I found a Vulcan Lane so that’s always good.

I headed home and Lynn was kind enough to provide food. She works at the AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and there is a cooking program offered by the school with two attached restaurants. These restaurants also sell frozen product from the classes. Lynn takes advantage of this great food often and I was the beneficiary tonight. Beef stew with Bulgar Wheat. Delicious.

Apres-dinner, some of Lynn’s neighbour/friends came over and we all chatted for some time. Basically, we burned off our energy and were asleep by 10.


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