All good things must come to an end? I hope that’s not true … but this trip has.

I got up for my last day in the Southern Hemisphere and had a lengthy breakfast with Lynn, Gord and Brenda. I had one errand to run which Lynn helped me with. Then everyone left me to tackle the packing while they went and saw various sights.

I wrapped it up pretty quickly and, after a wee book break, headed up to a restaurant that I had seen on the corner called Malt. I wanted a big burger in me as I did not know about timing of the food on Air New Zealand.

Gord and Lynn were gracious enough to drive me to the Auckland airport. So I arrived in style and on time. It turns out that Air NZ has a 23 kg limit. Opposed to 25 or 27 on various Aussie airlines. Needless to say, there was some shifting of stuff between the “wee beastie” and my hand luggage. Technically, you were only allowed one piece of hand luggage but, luckily, it was not enforced so I could get my new motorbike helmet home as well (it was the item most on the cusp).

I had planned well and booked a seat right behind the bulkhead so I had extended legroom. Genius idea, Alex-of-2-months-ago!! The flight was ok. I watched The Darkest Hour. Pretty good Gary Oldman-Winston Churchill flick. Sleep came sparingly.

I landed in Vancouver and whipped of the plane and thru the nexus line. I was the second quickest through the process and then had to wait for 20 for my bag as it was one of the last off.

Bion was kind enough to pick me up (with lovely Ella, no less) and I has through my door before 4pm.

It is absolutely fantastic to be home.

Thanks for taking the time to be with me on my travels.

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